For all those magical occasions!!! 

Magic for all occasions Magic for all occasions Magic for all occasions
Two brilliant Children's Parties and a fabulous wedding !!!!! 
Wow what a weekend and a tribute to my business model and belief that it is a unique talent to be able to entertain any age range and at any event. Magic for all occasions 
I started the weekend at a joint 4 year old children's party for Ben and Carys. This was a special party as one of the parents who hired is contact I have for weddings at Tortworth court. I was told before the event that one of the children didn't get on so well with male entertainers and so right from the off I tried made sure to make a great connection with this child and ended up getting the loveliest 'thank you for my party' from her. Thank you Ben and Carys and happy happy birthday. 
In the evening on the Saturday I performed at Rebecca and Andy's wedding. I left this wedding feeling on top of the world and completely in love with what I do as a living; this is solely due to Rebecca and Andy's brilliant friends and family. I arrived and instantly had a large crowd around me watching my first trick, I made a few jokes about how I wasn't hired to do a stage show but that is what it turned out to be for the first 30 minutes. This was not a problem and I thrived on having such a large audience. The highlight of my time there was performing my mind reading trick for Rebecca and Andy and getting simply the best reaction. Thank you so much for having me as part of your special day. 
But we are not done yet haha on Sunday I performed at Darcey's 8th birthday. Once again this was a completely different age range, environment and show. I performed a straight magic show (ie no dancing etc) at Darcey's home, and ensured to mix in some higher level magic with he silly children's routines to appeal to the 8 (going on 12) audience. Thanks Darcey your friends are awesome and hope everyone's making use of your signed packs of cards to practise their own magic tricks.  
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