The Adam Allsortz Show - Elmlea School Spring Fair 

Children's Birthday Partys
Children's Entertainment Show - Adam Allsortz show at Elmlea School 
I have worked with children and been a childrens entertainer for a long time and therefore have met many children and parents from all over the world and from different backgrounds and countries etc. I can say hand on heart that the children and parents at this brilliant school are just lovely.  
They were so receptive to both childrens magic shows I did, joining in with all the magic, dancing and games; they were a pleasure to perform for. 
I was fortunate enough to be approached to do a show at Elmlea's School's Spring Fair after doing a birthday party for a daughter of one of the PTA committee. These awesome ladies in the PTA were also then responsible for putting together the rest of the day and with a little magic from the weather and all their hard work they pulled off an amazing event. 
Thank you so much and fingers crossed I'll be doing birthdays parties for some of the children at Elmlea school in the near future. 
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