Three Birthdays = 3 X the Fun!!!!!! 

Chirldren's Party Entertainment
I must give a shout out to the three stunning cakes that were presented at the end of the party :)  
Nicky, Sam and Ed ........ Birthday Boys Assemble!!!!!! 
What can I say other than what a brilliant party. A massive thank you to the parents of all the boys for helping set up a great event. 
Having performed many kids parties in the Westbury Park area this was the first at St Albans Church hall and I was very impressed with the amount of space and more than decent facilities. 
I love performing to a large number of children, its puts them at ease to see others are joining in and of course the volume and hype (which is never a problem in my shows anyway) goes through he roof. 
The children were all sat in front of the stage with a large group of parents sat slight behind where all the chairs were stack (out of view), but it didn't long until one or two of them were straining there necks around the corner to catch some of the magic and join in with the banter and jokes. 
I hope the boys all enjoyed there pressies and once again a huge thank you to the boys parents form hiring me being so hospitable. 
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