Happy Birthday Louie, you're AWESOME - Guest appearance from Spiderman!! 

Children's Magician Children's Magician
Got to perform with Spiderman!!!!!!!!!! 
What a great party, thank you Louie, your 4th birthday rocked!!!!!!!! 
There was so much to fit in. Firstly the show its self was a huge hit. The children, 30 in total, ranged from 3 to 8 and for thee most part I kept them all engaged in the show and involved for an hour. We even had one of the cutest moments happen where a barely two year old took the microphone and said happy birthday Louie, hearts melted. 
But the true highlight arrived after thee children ate. Spiderman, yes spiderman came tumbling into the room doing back flips and somersaults. We proceeded to play a number off games with the web loving hero and his part ended with a ceremonial ditching of Louie's dummy's as he wanted to show Spiderman that he was a big boy and therefore didn't need them anymore. 
Great party, happy children, happy parents and lots of interest for the future. As a children entertainer and magician I couldn't have asked for a nicer bunch of children and parents. Thank you all 
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