Wedding Fayres - Are they worth the Time and Money ... This magician thinks so :)  February 21, 2017 

Wedding Magician Wedding Magician
Wedding Magician Wedding Magician
I would argue yes and one of my main reasons for supporting The World of the Wedding Fayre is that is was exhibiting at my first farye at the Marriott City Centre that gave me the insight Ii could make performing magic at event a viable business I could make a living from. Brides and grooms at the fayre booked me after speaking with me in person any seeing me perform face to face; the fact they had the opportunity to see first hand what they would be getting on their wedding day meant my unestablished, fledgling business and lack of professional online presence at the time was inconsequential. 
Wedding Fayres also offer new businesses and services a chance to create strong professional relationships with the venues they need to affiliate themselves with in order to create the right image and curate required knowledge; as well giving these same venues a chance to showcase their potential wedding location again not through online pictures and video but by truly getting a feel of the place in situ. 
The benefit of wedding fayre to the Bride and Groom is clear. Not only do they get the chance to sample first hand a service or accessory they are interested in for their big day but they have the opportunity to build trust and create rapport with someone to who they are ultimately entrusting part of such an important day in their lives.  
In a growing age of online businesses is there still as much of a need in the Wedding Industry for face to face promotion at Wedding Fayres???? 
In July this year I will have been self employed for 2 years and in that time I've attended 36 wedding fayres and open evenings, so I wanted to pause and reflect on what is ultimately a large part of both my advertising budget and use of my time.  
Wedding fayres are certainly not a new concept but over the last 2o years the way in which Brides and Grooms plan their weddings and source their suppliers has been impacted by the ever expanding world wide web. The argument which not only presents itself in the wedding industry but any commerce is: 'With the ease and convenience that Internet shopping offers the consumer, is they still a demand for sales with a personal touch?'  
Wedding Magician Wedding Magician
Wedding Magician Wedding Magician
With more and more venues hosting fayres and having open days the competition for the attendance of Brides and Grooms is fierce. This is also playing into the hands of our soon to be married couples. Fayres are using bigger and better incentives, including VIP goody bags, discounts from suppliers to reward the attending Brides and Grooms as well making fayres more exciting with interactive stands, demonstrations and entertainers like myself to try and entice them to choose to attend their fayre. 
Here's a list of some of the venues I've exhibited at, it gives an idea of the vast World of Weddings; The Marriott City Centre, The Marriott Royal, Armada House, The Bristol Pavilion, Tortworth Court, The Grange Bristol Mercure North, Rookery Manor, The Webbington Hotel, Ashton Court Stadium, Bailbrook House, Holiday Inn Filton, Holiday Inn City Centre, M Shed, @Bristol, Chipping Sodbury Town Hall, The Gables Hotel, Radisson Blu 
The last point I want to make is a big thank you to those venues, fellow exhibitors and Wedding Fayre Organisers for your support, backing and the opportunities you've given me that have helped to get my business to where it is now - You're awesome and know who you are!!!!! 
Wedding Fayres are still an integral part of the Wedding Planing Process but with Social Media, Online Directories and Wedding Suppliers having a stronger online presence, they need to work hand in hand with the 21st Century Wedding Planner 
Wedding Magician
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